November 04, 2014

Empress Ki

Empress Ki

Empress Ki,Korean Historical Drama, starring Ha Jiwon, Ji Chang wook, She and her from Koryo, slave by the Yuan empire, The King of Koryo set them free, but the soldiers find them and killed her mother. She survived, pretending being a boy,she learned how to used arrow, and became expert. She met the Prince of Yuan, soon to be an emperor, He is coward,scared to El Tamur,They want the Prince to be dead, Sunyang help the Prince from his enemies and to become Emperor.
Prince Togon wants to learn how to fight, and using arrow, He asks Sunyang to teach him

They race in Horse riding

He insists to fight with her, but Prince Togon can't beat Sunyang

Prince Togon and Lady Ki

Togon is alive

Empress Danashiri repenting for her sins and begging

Shock that  Lady Pak is pregnant, she gave the laurel leaves to have her miscarriage, but with the help of Sunyang did not happened what she expected.

Lady Pak, Public investigation, Is she really pregnant?

exciting to see Sunyang 
The Emperor checking if Sunyang eat the foods he prepared.

September 07, 2014

I Hear your voice

I Hear your voice

I Hear your Voice Jang Hye sung ( Lee Bo young) and Kwan woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) are Public Defenders Attorney, who take on the toughest cases with less than 1% chance of winning. She's prank, sassy character with a pricky edge and a sharp tonque, and Attorney Cha, a former police with macho swagger. Park soo hais a super powered boy who can hear people's thoughts, he will help attorney hye sung to investigate and solve cases. The Prosecutor and Hye sung, accidentally saw a crime 10 years ago while argumenting something, A man who killed father of Soo ha in the car, She testify in the court, the man got angry and promise to revenge on them. So, Park Soo Ha, after 10 years of finding Hye sung who is an attorney now, He promise to protect and help her from the man who killed his father.

Hotel King

Hotel King is a 2014 South Korean Television Drama series starring Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da hae, together again after 8 years in their hit drama My Girl. A Love story between an heiress who tries to save her father legacy, the one and only seven star hotel in the nation, and a hotel manager who becomes his mentor's
enemy in order to protect her.
Hotel King- Korean Drama, Lee Dong wook and Lee Da hae
Is she okay?

I don't like your eyes, nose and your smile, He's pretending and denial to his feelings.

She's pretending, work out in the morning

She investigating to reveal the truth of her father death

At the concert
Cha Jae wan is sick, She needs you